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The result was Zoo Quest.

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With its stunning photography, well-written scripts, and David Attenborough's now instantly-recognizable narration, the series was an instant success. This behind-the-scenes look at how the first programs were made reveals moments of hardship on horseback, canoe, and in a wreck of a jeep through swamp, desert, and rainforest. Attenborough tells of danger on the crew's hazardous boat trip with a gun-smuggling captain and the terror of erupting volcanoes. He also depicts for the listener some of the incredible sights he and his team witnessed—breathtaking butterflies, taking tea with Charlie the orangutan, and the the voyage to the little-known island of Komodo to capture the elusive Komodo Dragon.

Specially recorded for audio, David Attenborough's early adventures are sometimes life-threatening, often hilarious, and always totally absorbing. The Painted Cliff 4. Sloths and Snakes 5. Spirits in the Night 6.

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Shanties on the Mazaruni 7. Vampires and Gertie 8. Mistah King and the Mermaid 9.

Zoo Quest In Colour

Book Two: Zoo Quest for a Dragon 1. To Indonesia 2. The Faithful Jeep 3. Bali 4. The Animals of Bali 5.

David Attenborough zoo quest | David attenborough, Color, David

Volcanoes and Pickpockets 6. Arrival in Borneo 7. Charlie, the Orang-utan 6.

Attenborough Catches a Large Python - Zoo Quest for a Dragon - BBC

A Perilous Voyage 7. The Island of Kimono The Dragons Book Three: Zoo Quest in Paraguay 1. To Paraguay 2. The Decline of a Luxury Cruise 3.

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Butterflies and Birds 4. Nests on the Camp 5. Beasts in the Bathroom 6.

Chasing a Giant 7. Ranch in the Chaco 8.

Chaco Journey 9. A Second Search Moving a Menagerie. Sir David Attenborough is known to millions as the face and voice of natural history programming at the BBC. He has been interested in natural history for as long as he can remember.